Monday, 1 June 2015

Animals with and without wings

How to classify a big bunch of softies? Well, check whether they can fly or not!

First the ones that can fly:
Greg's green goose
Christa's graceful ostrich

A penguin in pink
A duck, who loves music
He has wings, doesn't he?!:)

Mousebro softie - the mixture of a Wyvern and a mouse, of course

A classic one: Rainbow Pegasus Unicorn

And the softies that still wait for their wings:

Ellie's pandas

Cherie's reborn squid

Platybunny for Sara's "other half"

Anniversary crab for Mauro's "other half"

Michael's caterpillar

Daniel's mammoth
Ethan's dino together with the happy designer
And two very clever sisters, who can read my mind - so one of them drew a bird, the other one a unicorn :-)

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