Friday, 20 June 2014

Cat & Bug

Quite a strange couple... Designed by an Italian boy, whose mom sent me the most fantastic feedback I think I've ever had. You know I made a little stamp from the original drawing and first of all the boy was surprised to see it on the envelope. And when he opened it, he was speechless, he couldn't believe his eyes, he had no idea how it was possible, and later he was happy to realize he was the only person in the world to own these softies:)

(I have readers who have sharp eyes for the details:) FYI: I was asked to make the cat's limbs thicker but not to make the navel!)

I have a few questions:

- how did the cat and bug meet?
- are they friends or enemies?
- why does the cat need a swatter? does he want to use it to kill the bug?!
- what kind of flag is in the bug's hand? (by the way, is it a hand...?)

kind of disagreement...

just to give you and idea of size
Kérdéseket felvető macska és bogár. Légycsapó és zászló. Ja, a macska hajában két fölzselézett tincs. A bogár meg tud fintorogni.

Friday, 13 June 2014

Hippo remake

Even if I hadn't liked the original hippo, I couldn't have refused to sew this softie, because Arnna's email was so heartfelt:)

Arnna allowed me to quote from her letter (the original hippo was bought from a small back street store in a small town in New Zealand, and the family have searched the world for a replacement...) 

"My son was three months old and eldest sister bought him his first Christmas present (all of the age of four).  Hippo was born.  He has painted the fence, been to kindergarten, ridden bikes and never been far from our son.  Hippo left the shores of New Zealand and travelled to the Middle East two years ago.  On a weekend to Dubai, Hippo went on his own adventure and we haven’t been able to find him.  Our son has cried for months and months since.  We have been back to the hotel, every stop we visited at and offered a reward wherever we can think.   He has not been found.  We are one year and two months since Hippo took his own OE and we still have tears.  He is a link to our home country.  We haven’t visited for over two years.  Our son is nine, growing up but a real softie at heart." 

Old and new hippo:

 Elveszett, "meglett", újjászületve.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Big Blue Supercat

Mattia wanted a 1-meter-tall softie cat first...:) I managed to convince him it would be toooooo big! But even though it is a nice, giant, chubby kitty. And a superhero! 

We spent quite a lot of time together. I felt the flat was empty without him when I arrived home from the post office...

Crazy Cat

Bonus pic entitled "Behind every successful man giant cat there is a woman":

Óriás macska, aki olaszul fog nyávogni Londonban. Pláne, ha a bajsza így össze van kuszálódva.